Secret classification information network promotion techniques

in the rapid development of the Internet today, all kinds of network marketing and promotion, the promotion project fees are more and more, I often see a lot of discussion and consultation with relevant enterprises free means of promotion in the group, today I will give you some experience to share one of their operation of classified information network, we hope to add and improve.

We opened the

Alexa website ranking, can be found as, the 58 city network, reputation network, rankings are very good, this also means that the website traffic is very great, for SEO is an important channel to free the chain, is the main means to seize the search engine for SEM. Such as Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Shishi treadmill treadmill fitness equipment, you can find the search result pages basically is the classification information website ranking. Pictured:

below and we talk about the classification of information to promote the need to pay attention to a few places

1: platform selection to do

currently classified information website on the Internet also add up to hundreds of large and small, face classification number of these sites, we should choose according to their own business needs, such as regional service, you must first select the local platform, if the industry is the product, then we should be the preferred industry platform. For example, HC, then according to the company’s personnel arrangement and energy to choose the number of platforms. Preliminary determination of the platform, we must remember that the test, such as the first to publish information on all platforms, and then recorded and observed those easily indexed by search engines and get good rankings, and then the good platform select out and accumulation preservation.

2: title to live standardized

how to understand the life standard, in fact, is to meet the user’s search habits, if we write a few people in search of the title, then we will not be able to get traffic from classified information platform and customer, so be sure to pay attention to research and simulate the user search habits, such as the product or service what the user cares about. Is the price of the products, quality or service, such as the site is doing fitness equipment, we can write Shishi fitness equipment store where, then these information into the title, but need to pay attention to the title is not too long.

3: content must be carefully written

many people released classified information are basically copying or pieced together, which greatly reduces the user experience, in fact, the search engine is a person, love it is very valuable content, generally well written is very easy to get ranking and flow. On the content characteristics, we can focus on the product or service advantage, use skill, attention to introduction, the content must be targeted, it has 2 purposes, one is to search engine, the other one is to show your professionalism and transfer out of the enterprise information there is can improve the conversion rate of users.

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