Web site promotion skills is the absolute truth

Hello everyone, I am a small fan. Diving in A5 for more than 2 years. First appearance today. Say hello to A5’s predecessors. To your help, I finally opened the station.

through 2 years of learning in a5. More or less, but also accumulated some experience in combat. Here today to share with you. The right to ask you to take the wrong advice.

small fan combat experience one: the choice of Web site

many webmasters are versatile talent, web site layout, program modification, content updates, maintenance and so on are all proficient. But I was a rookie, see the web code on the halo, only a few simple PS image processing, and simple HTML code. I think most of the novice webmaster is the same as me. My site is relatively simple, just released some of the product information and image information. A program can meet my requirements. And he is friendly to search engines. Interested friends can enter the A5 source code download page search dedecms download.

small fan combat experience two: site server selection

predecessors before A5 also repeatedly mentioned the importance of web server. The web server is like a stage. The more things the website shows, the bigger the stage he needs. But I am a small webmaster, no money, no strength, no technology. Look at the independent server is only envious. But the child can not bear the wolf. Taking into account the long-term development of the site. I choose to be the exclusive host G1 nets. Independent ip. The price is more expensive, the optimization of the search engine is also more favorable.

small fan combat experience three: Web site for the record

according to my observation, most of the webmaster seems to record is quite critical of the. But the country’s policies are not unreasonable. We imagine, if the quality of a website is not high, his site traffic is still relatively large. The site’s visit is proportional to his influence. If the webmaster of this large flow site in his website, publish something special. So many people affected. It’s not harmonious. What’s more, we can not change the environment, to adapt to the environment, the country’s strong crackdown on illegal websites. It is good for us these law-abiding owners. As long as we sincerely do stand, do update. Always brings us back.


filing system and did not like some of the owners said Nothing is right. Sharp tools make good work。 Before the record, carefully study the various provisions. Will soon pass. My website from the date of filing the application, to the record by only 3 days.

small fan combat experience four: website update

website update, A5 many predecessors have repeatedly mentioned. Do stand, content is king. No need to curry favor with search engines. On the content, try to be original, or false original.

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