Why can not stand big enterprise


with the development of the Internet, many products are noted on the Internet this big cake, slowly in toward the expansion of the Internet, search engine marketing, the rise of the rise of electricity providers, deputy industry surrounding the main industry has also led to the birth of the (consulting and service), and the formation of a good cycle. Enterprise stand really wake up now?

Enterprise Station: dumpster?

enterprise station called station most groups, why? Although enterprise boss realized that search engine value, but are found shallow consciousness, no further to explore, and really put the boss now is a rich side of the nouveau riche. At the present stage; the enterprise station is still around the natural keyword ranking promotion effect, needless to say, are the basic test.

the main reasons are:

most of the search engine keywords ranking, the user experience is very poor

most of the hosting network company, update the latest product instability

lack of network promotion means, no fixed flow

The competition pressure

some words, the ranking is not stable

four points above laid the main reason for companies to do a small station, C saw a lot of enterprises mostly show website, website marketing is few, selection of key words is a wonderful variety, with no commercial value, no benefit in the course of time will give up the enterprise marketing boss, this is the reality, the enterprise will stand reduced to waste station.

enterprise station can rise?

all Seoer people know to do business station is the most difficult to do, promotion channels and competitive pressures are great, because they are endowed with commercial value. And most of the enterprises are standing still in the first stage: every day a handful of IP and low conversion rate, no real diffuse out of the second step, the enterprise station really can rise? This is a controversial topic, the small C

to talk about four reasons why enterprise station can not rise

a team: no professional network marketing team, can not afford to upgrade the site

, two decisions: no vision of the boss, the boss will only make a superficial way to

three, product: there is no good product (creative), marketing means again good, the boss again, will still fail

four: state of mind: to learn to adhere to and choice, now or never

reflects the opportunities of the Internet is the most obvious, the market share is limited to fast, all must learn to persevere and choice, today’s hot does not represent the future direction, today also explained that the future does not make money not upset. This is also the most important, that is to insist, no effect of the early, do not expect to invest in the late harvest, the interests of the Internet and pay is not proportional >

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