GG westernunion about name error the fastest solution!!

November 2nd is a good day, the webmaster first use of withdrawals but still have the Western Union, part of the GG user in the bank teller, name the problem of error occurred, such as: no name, only the name, or the name of reciprocity and other issues, I would say I experienced one of the fastest solution to everyone


morning to see their own GG Western Union models have been produced, indescribably happy, very early on to the Agricultural Bank, but the clerk told me my name written in the name column name is empty, so take not, alas, indescribably more pain, had to go home..

home, began to call GG, can make the, later found in the GG forum has said that if the name of anti Western Union, as long as the call Tel: 8008208668, you can.. I also played, but can not get through. Thought to be playing.

around a morning, only to find the phone on the Internet, the original GG forum that users say is dedicated to PHS, mobile phone: 021-68664610, I play, the customer service said to Western union. As long as the operating point, the clerk called the bank to the western union call it.

the afternoon, I went to the agricultural bank clerk again, do not let my money, I told him to beat Western Union headquarters phone, he insisted, in this case, they never happened. Is not playing, after I sichanlanda, the clerk had promised, the bank clerk calls and customer communication Union after it.

finally got the money.. I am really very happy, but no matter which go to the webmaster nets, are talking about my problem, I can not answer, had to use here, with all appear the same problem with my webmaster to say. I hope you get the money, the webmaster is not easy…

friends, the thing is, alas, Western Union, Western Union, is not easy to love you!!!

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