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renamed Chinese ( September 2nd – the Chinese domain name to pay more and more attention, the terminal, especially business, started to increase efforts to protect the brand name. In recent years, the acquisition of large brand domain name case, Jingdong ( and ( of the two ten million domain names much attention. Last week, VANCL finally to Larry domain shot, now Wanda electricity coming soon, the domain name was also Wang Sicong scored.


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domain name finally settle Jingdong bumpy road

?Jingdong, domain name domain name, combination of single digital domain, and the official website of Larry domain, 2 letter domain name Jingdong mall, formerly known as Jingdong multimedia network, in June 2007 for the revision of Jingdong mall, and officially enabled the combination of domain name But this is not easy to remember domain name, but also easy to let the user confused with Qihoo 360 brand. Is a Jingdong acquired in 2011 last year by Larry domain, tens of millions of dollars to get high under the domain name and domain name, then enable the domain name as the official domain name on the line. And it seems that since the replacement of this domain name, Jingdong this brand started all the way, and Tencent cooperation is to make it a higher level.

now, Jingdong domain name global web site in January the average ranking of 638, ranking in the domestic electricity supplier website is a leader. enabled tens of millions of domain name

2013 is the electricity supplier to replace the domain name, Jingdong, Yi Xun, shop No. 1 and have replaced the official website domain name.’s official website domain name is, the combination of a domain name from "" homophonic "VIP" and the word "shop" English shopping, for some users, it is not easy to remember. In the pursuit of originality, enabled combination of domain name, electricity providers have begun to realize that in order to improve the site traffic, allowing users to directly enter the domain name to access the site, the most important thing is a simple, short and easy to remember domain name.

and, tens of millions of dollars to buy the domain name, relative original domain, new domain name is "VIP" word English words, is "" homophonic, concise, convenient for users to directly access the site.

Shop No. 9 letter 3 times on a straight cut Amazon Z

shop one of the original domain name for the three spell domain name, although a good record, but a little long, a total of 9 letters, to enter all or some cumbersome. Therefore, the 1st Shop enabled 3 letter domain name as the official domain name. For the electricity supplier website, the cost of traffic expenses is a huge

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