The development history of grass root domain name starting from the first.Net domain name

often have a kid don’t know VeriSign (VeriSign) or ICANN, see more children in the good domain name introduced Network Solutions said this is an unknown small company. So I think it is necessary for everyone to talk about the history of the domain name, but my habit is not love officialese writing, love the vernacular, so there is a "vernacular domain history".

said the domain name should be the first to start in 1984, because in 1984 the official introduction of the DNS (DNS server), and began to provide everyone familiar with the.Net,.Com,.Gov, etc.. Maybe you will be surprised, why put.Net in front of, because the world’s first registered domain name is, is being registered in January 1985, second is.Com, March 15, 1985, was registered. As an aside, the past.Net.Com than the "popular", such as the first NetEase is to use the.Net domain name,.Com is protective registered.

domain name has just started in the years, few applicants. Until 1993, after WWW this stuff, people felt the importance of "domain name", "popular names that start".

1993, Network Solutions signed a 5 year contract with the government of the United States,.COM,.ORG,.NET exclusive three international top-level domain name registration, at that time, the whole world only about 7000 of the total number of domain names.

according to the contract, from 1994, Network Solutions to each domain name of $100 registration fee, two years after the annual fee of $50. Ha ha, who said the domain is now expensive, and then compared to now is really too cheap. On the other hand, we should know why Network Solutions domain names are so expensive now, people can now be down a lot, huh, huh, huh, huh.

to the beginning of 1998, Network Solutions has registered the domain name of about about 1200000, of which about 90% is the.COM suffix, alone, Network Solutions $about 60000000. 1999 is even more, it was estimated that Network Solutions domain name registration fee for an annual income of only $200 million.

for a long time, the domain name management authority in the U.S. government, many countries expressed strong dissatisfaction. Under international pressure, the United States had to make concessions. From the beginning of July 1997, to proceed with the reform of domain name management, by January 30, 1998, the U.S. Department of commerce through its official website officially announced the draft reform program. Draft administration of the United States

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