A5 webmaster network twenty-fourth phase SEO combat training to accept registration

webmaster webmaster friends in the industry training and support, has been successfully held 23, stationmaster net twenty-fourth SEO training content compared to the previous contents of more detailed content through the web site optimization techniques from the shallower to the deeper, with case analysis, suitable for all kinds of web learning. A5 training is the training channel stationmaster net’s, mainly for the majority of owners to provide SEO training and other network marketing training and website operation training, training a total of more than 400 SEO students, by students from the 23 SEO training class enrollment is hot.

July 1st

Baidu Baidu Scindapsus algorithm 2 officially announced, webmaster and SEOER practitioners should be how to deal with? By the time of the training courses for students in SEO under the guidance of experts, to search engine optimization technology to avoid in their dark time; to study the system of the whole working process of SEO, quickly master SEO optimization.

as long as the company is engaged in the site requires SEO

1 if you are a web site editor, you need to learn SEO in order to deal with the increasing traffic pressure, the same news, after SEO optimization can get more than no SEO optimization of the flow.

2 if you are the product of the website staff, you need to analyze the search engine users interest points and content requirements of SEO learning, can easily be designed according to the technology of search engine crawling, indexing and ranking product optimization SEO.

3 if you are the site’s technical development or page production personnel, you need to learn SEO to avoid the search engine crawl obstacles, in the realization of the function at the same time, so that the site traffic is greater, more valuable.

4 if you are the boss of the company, although you do not need hands-on, but you need to learn SEO to further understand the search engine and those in the company’s success and a lot of investment in the search engine optimization, make your company on the Internet is so advanced today more competitive.

5 if you are doing foreign trade business, so you must know Google PPC ad spending, in order to control the cost, you need to English the site search engine optimization, SEO optimization experience teacher has English foreign trade website, to help you learn more comprehensive search engine optimization technology.

how to choose a powerful SEO training company?

first: the teacher’s own site must have a good ranking – so as to prove the strength of the teacher!

second: the teacher should have a wealth of teaching experience – good expression allows students to complete absorption!

third: to have a perfect after-sales technical support – today’s training can not represent the future of SEO technology is immutable, and constantly enrich the knowledge is essential!

fourth: there must be 100% zero risk

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