Aerial video executives arrested staff said the normal visit within a month

said executives arrested

antenna video copyright down

IT times Wang Shu

days ago reported that the Beijing Chaoyang District Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of copyright infringement approved the arrest of some other media Co., the legal representative of the company, the president engaged in VOD service and company executives 6 people. According to industry sources, the video site is likely to be the antenna video, the reason is still video copyright dispute.

antenna company couldn’t mention

In November 30th

reporter login antenna video website found that although the site can still access the page, but only left the text content, navigation, TV Channel HD content links at the click after the jump to the home page, and the page posted a notice, said the website server failure.

reporter telephone antenna video Beijing company, not to mention the reason for giving the receptionist web server failure, network transmission of company executives to arrest is not clear to the response, when reporters continue to ask, the staff on the matter can not make any response by refusing to interview.

as early as December 1st, the reporters came to the antenna video of Shanghai branch, the staff said that the matter is not clear, "here in Shanghai but the antenna video office is mainly responsible for the sales work, video content editing does not belong to the scope of work of the Shanghai company." However, the staff told reporters that the antenna video will resume normal access within half a month, but whether there will be changes in the content of the site is still unknown.

problem for a long time

as early as September of this year, the antenna video has been unable to access the situation, when the antenna video relevant person in charge of the server is also a major failure to respond, and said 1-2 days to restore access. However, sources pointed out that the antenna video is actually to avoid the huge copyright disputes to take measures to stop the station.

antenna video is issued by the State Administration of radio video license in June of last year, but the industry was quite well-known and still unsuccessful. In this regard, Ceng Fuhu, vice president of the original antenna has explained: we are the biggest difference with other video sites, all content on the site are genuine. The most important reason for the smooth application of the license is that all of our content is genuine." Now, the antenna is caught in the dilemma of copyright issues.

copyright disputes will fall next year

last year, according to the lawsuit between the pirated video website has become almost homely food, either cool, potatoes, cool 6, or Sohu, they are the plaintiff and the defendant in copyright litigation between wandering.

Shanghai state law office Bai Li lawyers told reporters that the video copyright litigation case, "the first is from the beginning of 2005, when at the end of 2006, early 2007 began a large-scale outbreak, but since last August China a foreign film in WTO >

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