Webmaster network daily broadcast 24 coupons to suspend the operation of electronic evidence preserv

1, buy a network of 24 coupons to suspend business employees collective holiday

buy site 24 coupons in the sudden announcement of a group of 20 to buy the business, the collective collective long holiday for consumers and businesses, the news is particularly sudden and overwhelmed.

this month 20 days, 24 tickets a letter containing CEO Du Yinan, joint statement signed by the staff outflow statement shows that due to the conflict with investors, 24 coupons to suspend all business activities online sales, from October 20th onwards indefinitely and resumed normal operations for the shareholder level to solve the funding problems after reasonable and team motivation. In this regard, the industry believes that the 24 coupons and investors are in a fierce way to see who is the first step.

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2, electronic evidence preservation platform in Shanghai released online chat can be a direct evidence

online shopping, micro-blog, chat network has become people’s living habits. But in the event of a dispute, the preservation of evidence has become a big problem: electronic evidence can easily be tampered with, deleted. The notary evidence treasure, which is developed by the Shanghai Oriental notary electronic evidence network platform, so that electronic evidence of real-time cloud to save a reality.

In the day before

, CO sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Lawyers Association and Shanghai Oriental notary office "electronic evidence preservation seminar", Shanghai Oriental Notary Office released its electronic evidence preservation notarization of evidence treasure platform "". At present, the system only supports the Windows system, and does not support the voice function and online view of evidence function. "For security reasons, the system currently has fewer open ports. And now is the free testing phase, in the subsequent version will be added more features." Yang Yichen said that at present this version is still in the testing stage, according to him, Shanghai Oriental notary evidence collection software is currently in talks with Microsoft professional agenda, and after mature technology can support iOS, Android and other mobile devices, the increasing popularity of electronic evidence preservation mode.

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3, digital music genuine music website to accelerate the preparation of download charges

give up in China with Google music search service, Baidu music resource’s integration to create a genuine music, domestic digital music industry is quietly changing, legalization accelerated at the same time, charging times are coming. As with the current video industry, in the near future, the habit of digital music free users may be accustomed to get better service and pay.

Tencent technology through the exchange with a number of people in charge of the music website was informed that the major music platform brewing at the end of this year or early next year, digital music downloads, and explore more Internet value-added services. Users get the original free trial service at the same time, can be obtained through the way of paying connection >

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