New top-level domain application closed on April 12th

new top-level domain application will close in April 12th. Recently, at the forty-third meeting of ICANN net chairman Mao Wei told reporters that the domestic enterprises to apply for the top-level domain name value degree is obviously insufficient, pushing for access international domain name rights discourse is a pressing matter of the moment.

is reported that the new top-level domain name since January 12th this year, the official opening application. As of March 12th, more than 254 companies have successfully applied. Japan and Australia have more than 100 top-level domain name applications, but as the world’s largest users of Chinese enterprises pay attention to is not enough.

in the context of the application of the new top-level domain competition so intense, how to successfully apply for a new top-level domain name, which has become a challenge in front of many Chinese companies." Mao Wei believes that with the application for entrance off time is approaching, companies should adopt the strategy for pushing operations. Sharing experience and network technology hosting platform, can effectively reduce the cost of enterprise application. At the same time, the net has successfully applied for China. Historical experience "top-level domain, will actively carry out international public relations coordination mediation, for each enterprise in the face of common interests, take the same attitude and program. It is understood that the network is the only commercial top-level domain hosting platform can meet the requirement of ICANN.

at the same time, recently issued a letter to the Ministry of industry, requiring domestic enterprises to apply for a new top-level domain name must be filed, and clearly requires the domain name top-level domain name server must be deployed in the country. In fact, the top-level domain name application is very strict and cumbersome, the applicant must demonstrate the ability to operate and manage their own domain name for a long time, as well as a safe and reliable technical support platform. As for the entrance off time is approaching, enterprises may not complete the self requirement of ICANN technology and operation platform, so take the technology outsourcing and domain hosting is one of the best choices. Mao Wei said: I hope more Chinese ‘Dragon’ forces to join the operation and management of the Internet infrastructure, from the whole to enhance China’s Internet discourse in the international arena."

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