QQ space marketing strategy to find the user pain points

this is a flood of information the Internet world, garbage is everywhere, all copy, reprint articles user needs to have too many to count, but the value of content, that is to help users and meaningful content. The user does not want to find such a huge amount of information in the content, if you can provide such content to them, then the cost of marketing is half. This is actually a kind of supply and demand, but also the user pain points. QQ space marketing, for example, the number of friends is not important, the account level is not important, the space is not beautiful is not important, the most important thing is to share your content. Prior to this, there is no serious analysis of the characteristics of your user base, as well as their products to be faced by the user base. The author of a friend in the Taobao shop business, mainly to sell some of the women’s small accessories, such as girls Bracelet like things. I often see her in the QQ space to promote their own Taobao shop on the product, but the content is too empty, just share the product picture and simple description.

in fact, in Taobao, similar to the quality of the little girls are almost the same, not the so-called flagship store is much better than the average Taobao shop. But the general users believe that Taobao flagship store, Taobao personal store is not in the strength and flagship stores as main users of these products is small group of 80 after 90 young women, of course there will be some young male users. Maybe you are in this crowd, of course, your QQ friends are basically in this age, if subdivided it, believe that students and friends are the main consumer groups, especially in high school and college students. The school, the couple is the focus of this group of consumer objects, usually buy these ornaments are sent, the girls themselves to buy the situation is not estimated. Of course, I did not do this statistics, I am not a student of this group, might as well go to school a simple survey.

student couples this user group pain points where? First of all the students themselves disposable funds is not much, most of the students to spend on it not so much money. It also paid special attention to the small jewelry price, price moderate products, and is now the students pay more attention to the fashionable things, like what the South Korean clothing like commodities, so this kind of small jewelry also appears to have more personality, fashion. These two points are the owner of the goods must be taken into account in the final, is to seize every year a few important dates: Valentine’s day, Tanabata Festival, holidays, school, etc., in short, those who are easy to send gifts. These festivals is the pain point of the user base, but the most difficult is how to buy your products, for the student groups, QQ space marketing is more appropriate, I summarized the following two points:

first point: packaging products, highlighting their personality

accessories involved in the dress of female users, in order to make themselves more fashionable, or highlight their own taste, can be put on the dress. Therefore, the use of QQ space to promote Taobao shop, you can share some knowledge of dressing, like

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