How to better serve SMEs in e-commerce marketing

The rise and development of

e-commerce, provides an excellent opportunity for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, network virtualization features, can make small businesses become larger, so that enterprises in the changing business world no longer restricted by economic size, can quickly obtain market information, expand product marketing business, convenient to carry out customer relationship management, improve the competitive advantage. Especially in the current financial crisis, how to make up the enterprise out of the trouble, in this case, the relative lack of funds, how to through the e-commerce platform, realized the advantages of e-commerce, actively respond to e-commerce, find their own development from the opportunity, and through a series of careful planning, to enable SMEs to establish own brand through e-commerce, and solve the problems which cannot be solved by traditional marketing through e-commerce marketing.

but through the operation and practice of e-commerce marketing in our nearly three years of time, now that the small and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce operation still exist many obstacles, if these obstacles are not promptly resolved, so to make e-commerce marketing has played a huge role in small and medium-sized enterprises, may still be a very difficult problem.

many small and medium-sized enterprise understanding of e-commerce is still in the surface, there are three main representative of the understanding: one is the electronic commerce "mystery", think that e-commerce is very advanced, so the electronic commerce at a distance; we had a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, an electronic commerce, enterprise decision makers began talking again, indifferent, some believe that building a website is doing e-commerce marketing, some believe that e-commerce is too complex, enterprise operation is not appropriate, causes the enterprise to the electronic commerce at a distance, following a study of pharmaceutical enterprises is studied under more than and 10 varieties of nutrition a year accumulated also has more than and 50 but, has been the use of traditional marketing, not only a product did not do it, but bigger loss, but with corporate CEOs talk E-commerce marketing, what B2C, what kind of marketing C2C mode, e-commerce marketing executives that have no sales force, rather than in the tree of traditional marketing. The two is the "simple" electronic commerce, electronic commerce is that online transactions, as long as the enterprises in the computer, the network, built a website, completes the electronic commerce, waiting for the order we often encounter many enterprises to drop from the clouds; in practice, the product to us, no matter what you think. After three months there will be sales, it is not so one thing, e-commerce marketing is more need for network planning, through the planning to let more users know that the company’s products, and buy. The three is the "mode" of the electronic commerce, think to go to "clone" according to the existing mode of e-commerce, but much of the profit model is not a good solution to the macro vision and micro enterprises docking problem, money is not profitable. In fact, the key point of e-commerce marketing and traditional marketing, every enterprise of different ideas, different cultures, different products, e-commerce marketing in different ways, can not use the model to apply, we always adhere to this belief: electronic commerce.

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