Taobao will focus on remediation fake copycat electronic products

online shopping a famous brand bag, but get the hand is a knockoff; online shopping buy coupons, to the store was told not to use…… Encountered such a bad thing, many buyers will choose to spend money to buy a lesson".

recently, Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau joint Ali group to carry out the "2015 Red Shield network sword special action, to reflect the strong electronic products, auto parts, clothing shoes and hats, children, the elderly supplies and other key agricultural commodities and outstanding problems, strengthen the supervision of network commodity transaction behavior. The special action will continue from July until November.

Network consumption

Zhejiang has been relatively developed, 1~5 months of this year, Zhejiang network retail sales reached 229 billion 874 million yuan, an increase of 37.09% residents; network consumption amounted to 123 billion 989 million yuan, an increase of 24.55%.

"2015 Red Shield network sword special action in cooperation with the network trading platform to make full use of big data, also to network consumers open for clues, and the province of the well-known enterprises joint fake, which help provide clues from the business sector and the daily supervision and complaints database screening clues. Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce will be open to the network of illegal clues, to focus on college students and other key consumer groups." Fang Jintu, deputy director of Zhejiang provincial Trade and industry bureau.

previously, to crack down on fake "net goods", Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Alibaba have jointly signed a joint cooperation agreement "fake". "Agreement" clearly, Alibaba with the help of data cube, online fraud maps and other large data analysis, provide the current situation related to the field of Internet infringement and counterfeiting violations to the Department of industry and Commerce and industry gathering. The Department of industry and commerce according to the network commodity transaction directional tracking monitoring and network sales of goods quality sampling results of regulatory information, and Alibaba to provide network operators suspected violations of the law, the organization to carry out special rectification, focus on the case of supervision and other anti-counterfeiting campaign, timely landing investigation through Internet sales of counterfeit and shoddy goods and trademark infringement behavior.

at the same time, the business sector will be integrated credit information industry and commerce, publicity website, shop credit situation, and provide consumers with the main identity authentication, credit information query and consumer warning services. At the same time, with the relevant regulatory authorities, the exchange of information sharing platform for online transactions, the relevant information in the online trading platform publicity, so that the dishonest everywhere limited".


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