Liu Qiangdong made the wedding dress for

this morning to see Liu Qiangdong micro-blog, I think the relevant departments for the interview, how Liu Qiangdong began to pay homage to Suning? Then look back only to find that the original is the war before the enemy. Previously, all boast Jingdong micro-blog do good marketing, but the real micro-blog marketing than is Liu Qiang East accidentally do the wedding dress for

does not discuss the final winner of this price war who, just look at the price war propaganda. Liu Qiangdong declared to by micro-blog and Jingdong against, the price war has become the protagonist, the focus of media attention. After’s popularity and Jingdong mall compared to may be slightly worse, but after challenge the Jingdong,’s brand has obvious compared with Jingdong. After consumers mentioned Jingdong, will think of, the Jingdong is no longer the lowest price of the online shopping business, consumers can choose Only know before the Jingdong, did not know the consumers also fully understand the Jingdong is a tough challenge,’s brand in the minds of consumers status rose. Big mention McDonald’s think of KFC, mention Coca-Cola think pepsi. If inadvertently helped establish a brand image, this may be hundreds of millions of advertising is not for publicity, needs to thank Liu Qiang east the willow.

Dong not only set up the brand image with the help of, is free of charge for publicity 818 three anniversary anniversary promotional activities. Several micro-blog earlier in the Beijing media briefing publicity did not seem to have the effect of publicity for Liu Qiangdong, Liu Qiangdong challenge for 818 three anniversary activities to bring huge traffic, but also to buy these flows are very strong, obviously between the East brother had no intention of 818 anniversary into another online shopping carnival. does not thank Liu Qiangdong, I can not see the past. This year’s advertising have been flying, TV, network, subway, elevator everywhere, for consumers how much some impressions, plus the Liu Qiangdong micro-blog marketing, is the 818 anniversary activities to the attention point, it helps to save a lot of anniversary promotion expenses. Nowadays, just look at the ads have been difficult to arouse the interest of consumers, but when has become a hot topic of the anniversary network, consumers will take the initiative to pay attention, how to say Liu Qiang East for anniversary activities contribute.


benefit from Liu Qiangdong’s micro-blog marketing not only, as well as fast and easy, Dangdang, Gome, 58 city, millet and other more or less borrowed Liu Qiangdong’s potential. The original East is not only electricity supplier militants, or electric public good elements, East, like you. You are the US, those years caught up with electricity idol oh. (text / Wang Liyang)

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