The promotion of the site of the most simple and effective methods of 6

site promotion, the most important site is probably the most headache problem. – very adequate, a lot of very powerful information inside the station, we can do very well, we can do a lot of connections. The function of the website we can do very strong. But did not get a good promotion, site traffic is very difficult to be guaranteed.

here I talk about the new sites, the novice in terms of personal recommendations. There are often asked novice, I changed the link, filled with the content, the function is also enough; why my station so low traffic. While others site just a keyword every day tens of thousands of IP! I always comforted the webmaster don’t worry, slowly, as long as we flow back! I would like to share with you, my website promotion experience.

1 site positioning needs to be accurate, the plate should be clear. My site from the start with one of the words is the emotional story.

2 content must be rich, collect it, No. Even if all is collected, but also to re classify their data. From the point of view of the rankings will not recommend the use of personal collection. No longer the situation cannot but don’t collect. Direct copy of the site, is no different from the production of garbage.

The importance of

3 external links. Less than a certain number of quality external links. Your site is difficult to get good rankings on search engines, and even directly affect your collection.

4 to the original high-quality posts to drive other sites included. In front of the three points to do a good job, I through the campus network in our forum to explore some of the original posts. That the University Forum is generally not open to the outside world. So soon some high quality posts directly to the original identity in my site. The post was soon to be included, and led me before the acquisition of some posts included! Soon my emotional story was Baidu included tens of thousands of pages. Believe in the power of originality. I believe that there will be paid in return, the original does not have to write you, but you want to explore. Or often go to some of the original forum for some were buried in the post.

5 soft for the promotion of the website also plays an indelible role. Even higher than you spend money to buy the role of the PR station is even greater! At first, I wrote a few posts of the original nature of the hair in the station, outdated, Admin5 webmaster network. Unfortunately, the level is limited, soon sank. Later, I would like to be released to the mother station station Ali mother community where there may be less likely to be excavated. Write a main advertising to them! So I wrote some articles to give you suggestions "advertisers choose advertising!" was not careful they named the essence and the top of the moderator. Some people say that I am a big AD, some people praise my soft. Mixed. But as long as the written value, I believe there will be a return! Mom community post a week, up to now still. After a cycle of Baidu, I found that traffic doubled over. I did not change links with others, did not do other hand and foot. I rejoice. If you are tired, write >

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