nternet financial hit Zero Commission forced brokerage transformation

Internet financial hit: Zero Commission forced brokerage transformation

when the Internet will reach into the securities industry, immediately to the ecology of the whole industry has brought tremendous changes in turn the world upside down. With the introduction of the State Securities Commission treasure as the sign, the securities brokerage business to rely on "a secure job" is the material basis of life was completely broken. In fact, not only the brokerage business, known as the crown in the financial sector – brokerage investment banking business will also be the impact of the internet. This period, the hot topic of the transition period of the report, will be in-depth analysis of the impact of the Internet on the securities industry, and cooperation with the State Securities and Tencent as a case, the interpretation of the two industry for the first time behind the more motives.


in the industry, you know that the Internet to subvert the existing traditional financial securities business model is a matter of time. But most of the brokers still pray for a moment later and later. However, with the State Securities Commission officially launched 2/10000, "zero Commission" bloody finally arrived.

This means that

, the brokerage has been "heaven", "aisle to eat" single profit model is coming to an end. Although in recent years, asset management, margin trading and other innovative services are being launched, however, holding the "channel fee" vested interest is always lack of motivation to change, securities brokerage business development mode.

now, with the full impact of Internet banking, zero Commission war started, the broker had to take the initiative to seek change. In addition to the brokerage business, investment banking, bond business, etc. one by one in the impact of the list, forced brokerage comprehensive reform.

zero Commission era

February 20th, China Securities and Tencent strategic cooperation launched the first Internet financial products, the Commission treasure officially launched, investors online accounts through the Tencent stock channel, you can enjoy 2/10000 trading commissions.

is currently the total cost including brokerage fees, business tax is about 2/10000, the removal of this part of the cost of brokerage, the State Securities Commission are 2/10000 means of securities brokerage business has officially entered the "zero Commission era". This is driven by the Internet financial thinking zero Commission war is about to brokerage brokerage commission mode to bring disruptive change.

in fact, as early as the end of 2013, Huatai Securities has three million online account commissions fell to the industry bottom line, resulting in substantial growth in the number of online accounts. In addition, in February 17th the market was rumored to Debon securities at the end of February, will launch an online mobile phone account, then the accounts Commission will be further lowered, is expected to achieve only including exchange fees, zero commission not more than 12000". Although the Debon securities in its official website has denied this, but still failed to stop the spread of the message, which shows the market expectations of high. February 18th, Eastern futures said the company now on new customers free Commission (only took charge exchange fees and futures investment.

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