Donkey mother Mickey network re financing business enterprise capital without fear of cold

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in the "old" business enterprise layoffs to survive, there is still a "starry night time for examinations" generation electricity providers to obtain their capital blood transfusion. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, last week, donkey mother, Mickey network announced that have been completed or are carrying out the financing plan, and good music to buy, where to network, network transaction service providers will IPO 5173 items on the agenda.

Sequoia Capital haunt

in this round of financing trends, investment performance in the Internet quite Sequoia Capital Market for electricity providers and Internet companies still do not change, "infatuation" figure are frequent. Donkey mother, good music to buy, as well as watercress were Sequoia Capital injection.

According to

good music to buy CEO Li Shubin said, good music to buy the IPO plan has been officially put on the schedule, the company will at the end of this year or early next year to start pre IPO Financing, financing scale will exceed the expected round of $50 million.

previously, good music to buy has received three rounds of investment. Sequoia Capital not only in June 2009 to buy a good music A round of investment, and continue to participate in its second round of financing.

and the new tourism e-commerce website donkey mother travel network also recently announced the acquisition of capital and Sequoia Capital Injection, which is the first round of three years to get the donkey mother venture. Sequoia Capital as early as the second round of financing has been involved in the donkey mother.

is not an e-commerce business watercress, also confirmed in September 13th has completed the first round of $50 million financing, funds have been credited to the full account. This round of financing investment respectively, loved the letter capital, Sequoia Capital and Bertelsmann Asia Investment fund. It is understood that Sequoia Capital as early as the completion of the second round of financing has been interested in investment.

capital is still chasing the electricity supplier run?

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong once said in the mall micro-blog "now as long as you say is to do e-commerce, immediately a lot of investors chasing you! We cannot read!" now "cannot read" the situation is still.

recently, Germany with the capital to finalize their investment objectives in the electricity supplier business. September 19th, cosmetics online shopping mall officially announced the completion of the A round of tens of millions of dollars in financing, and this round of investment is from the German capital with the RMB fund.

in addition, the representative of the domestic travel search engine where the network ( spokesman Jenna Qian said on Thursday that the company plans to start next year to the United States IPO.

business enterprise capital: a bottomless pit?


, where these Gaopeng known as the electricity supplier companies have layoffs to reduce costs, when the arm to survive, reflection on business enterprise growth path will also have to be.

can be said that the initial vitality of the electricity supplier companies are pouring out of the capital of bright flowers. When capital flows, blood transfusion stop, the >

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