Wangzhuan based series (three) who really make Wangzhuan money

Network Entrepreneurship and money can not be separated, otherwise no one will venture in the network.

on who to make money in the end of this problem, we analyze one by one.

1, domestic and foreign union.

talked about the alliance, involving the three party. Advertisers, alliances, website owners. Between the three parties.

advertisers to provide products to advertising alliance business application promotion — the main site is webmaster alliance platform for advertising code hanging on their own station or blog. Three parties are paid in accordance with the registration, registration or sales.

to click for example: for example, I am advertisers, I will base through the platform to promote strategic alliance, the alliance asked me to pay per click is 0.6 yuan, every click I have to pay 0.6 yuan to the alliance and the alliance, paid to the main website click on the unit price is 0.3 yuan; the main site also I think that is the Internet webmaster promotion advertising alliance and pay high cost, integrity, so some website owners to apply for the base of the advertising alliance platform strategy.

note: the alliance acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the site owner, since being an intermediary, you have to profit from it. I pay the price of the union of 0.6 yuan, the Union paid to the owner of the click price of $0.3, the profit of the league has become a profit of 50%. But money is the person I am, I go to union advertising in order to achieve the purpose of promoting strategic base, three each one takes what he needs.

alliance, including the domestic and foreign union alliance, there are hundreds of domestic alliances, commonly used in the domestic alliance, including Baidu, grassroots, etc., including Google, including foreign alliances. Currently in the majority of these alliances to buy traffic advertisers. Advertisers actually played the role of bidding.

2, selling products to make the difference.

network products, but if efforts in the packaging, came out on top in sales means, likely to sell the product the more money the more natural.

online shopping will be able to buy their favorite things, with online shopping lovers growing, online sales will become the trend. Love online shopping population is increasing, the China conservative estimate has a population of 1 billion 300 million, this figure is the future consumer market potential, I believe we will.

make money many channels, through the analysis of the above two aspects of the basic involves a network of consumer groups, is still incomplete. To illustrate the network business to make money circulation, people pay some money, each one takes what he needs. Some Adsense serves as both advertisers and acting as the main site, on the one hand, Baidu or Google bidding alliance advertising to sell products; on the other hand, go to the union to apply for others advertising hanging on their own. Do bidding to pay, to apply for advertising to promote the alliance to help others to make money from.

Internet consumption cycle will exist for a long time, so many

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