The third party payment for your online trading escort

According to authoritative Internet research institutions

data show that China’s online shopping has entered a period of rapid growth, the scale of 08 years to break billion mark, compared with an increase of nearly 07 over the past year. Compared with traditional shopping, the advantages of online shopping has been recognized and consensus.

along with the increase in the number of online shopping, the number of transactions frequently, a variety of issues are also highlighted, the voice of complaints about online shopping has gradually increased. The cause of complaint is often not very good use of online shopping platform, online shopping platform for the purpose of serving the public, there are a lot of security measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, such as the third party payment instruments, the third party payment tool in order to promote the transaction security and set up, but many people can not use this function, which had a lot of trouble in the shopping. With the approaching 3.15, a variety of activist action launched in full swing, the Internet has set off a wave of illegal traders to safeguard the interests of consumers. Therefore, the price comparison network also has been committed to the protection of the rights and interests of people, also called on businesses and consumers to use the third party payment tool in daily trading – alipay. Third party payment instruments can effectively protect the interests of both parties.

recently, online shopping has been a very interesting phenomenon. In the price comparison network many consumers in the purchase of time requires the use of Alipay or other third party payment instruments to trade phenomenon. This is a good phenomenon, as the main body of online shopping, how to protect their own interests is very necessary. The emergence of the third party payment tools to be recognized by the people and the use of China’s online shopping also reflects the maturity.

so what the third party payment tool have what ability? For online shopping escort? Here in Alipay as an example: Alipay since its inception has been committed to China e-commerce to provide "safe, quick, simple online payment solutions". Alipay proposed to build trust, to simplify, to drive the concept of credit system to improve the technology innovation, popular. By the end of September 1, 2008, Alipay has more than 100 million users, Alipay’s total daily trading more than 450 million yuan, on the number of transactions over 2 million pen. Alipay to both parties play an important role.

buyers use advantages: 1, payment by Alipay custody, satisfaction after receipt of pay to the seller, safe.

2, do not run the bank remittance, online payment, convenient and simple.

3, after the payment is successful, the seller immediately shipped, fast and efficient.

4, affordable.

sellers use advantages: 1, no need to immediately inform your bank audit, Alipay payment, labor and time.

2, clear accounts, transaction management help you clearly record the detailed information of every transaction, worry.

3, Alipay certification is effectively reflect the credibility of the seller.

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