The new flagship investment Jingdong destabilize Taobao pat micro shop brand

grab door before Ali at the capital market, the Jingdong’s founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong an interview with reporters out this sentence: the Jingdong over Ali is inevitable. However, Liu Qiangdong did not give time this heroic utterance with a.

Jingdong was more than 2 months after the capsule, the re on-line pat net investment policy was finally released in June 3rd, will spearhead Taobao.

pat essence is a C2C platform, Jingdong and Tencent’s joint is combing the resources in this area, to weaken and part of this part of the user Ali drainage." Insiders told the first financial daily reporters.

poaching Taobao seller

"free" to become one of the most high-frequency words pat Network Investment deal.

for individual businesses, pat Network promises free of charge, no platform fee and commission deduction. But before September 1, 2014, assigned to the enterprise business, 2014 platform fee free.

Taobao is one of the many individual sellers

as millions, Fang Jing to pat this platform heart.

in May last year, Taobao opened a textile shop, Party Jinghua three or four months before the store credit upgrade to a blue diamond. Later, due to the brush credit problems, had to shut shop again he spent more than half a year before the 3 blue diamond.

it is understood that Taobao also set up for individual sellers shop free policy, which has 1000 yuan to pay the integrity of the system, Taobao official does not force but encourage.

margin is required to pay, or Taobao can not participate in any activities. For those of us who did not hit the money will not hit the individual sellers, Taobao’s living environment is not good. If you want to sell things, traffic must buy, do car advertising, and this year has been to the extent of metamorphosis." Fang Jing told the first financial daily reporters.

according to its introduction, in the Taobao home page, basically no matter sell mats, mosquito nets, four sets of other products, if you want the product to the top 3 pages, basically offer to train more than 3 yuan fold. The Taobao 30~50 click on the usual in exchange for an order, that is to say, the cost of advertising around 90~150 yuan to sell an order.

Compared to

Fang Jing, Wu Lan that Tmall seller for pat also expressed interest.

new pat can do much, can challenge Taobao, in fact, little relationship with us. Many vendors are now multi platform development. For sellers, now Taobao’s development trend is not so good for everyone." Wu Lan explained.

in the face of now owned Jingdong group’s pat Network, Jingdong group insiders have revealed that Jingdong on pat Network placed a very high expectations: through the layout of the C2C market, the original electricity supplier Jingdong

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