Quanjude Goubuli ocean domain name was registered

old name: after the name of the ocean to determine

popular time-honored sign ocean events for some people smell a business opportunity. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, although the "qjdroastduck", "gobelieve" is Quanjude, Goubuli popular candidate name, but the domain name has been registered.

at present, "gobelieve" is considered to be the most creative and most appropriate Goubuli Goubuli name. Although the Goubuli group and no formal statement intends to eventually adopt gobelieve English, but the reporter inquiries found that the "Gobelieve network domain, has been in the past two days by Internet users registered by a space." Among them, gobelieve.cn is the city of Baoding east ring Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. registered in October 9th Gobelieve.com.cn to 21:19, 8:20 yesterday checked view (Beijing) network technology Limited registered, Gobelieve.net.cn also at 11:42 yesterday by the international Chuanglian information technology Limited registered in Beijing. We can see that the above domain name registration unit and Tianjin Goubuli are no direct relationship.

candidate ocean Quanjude name, with its Pinyin initials "qjd", and the first letter of Chinese phonetic alphabet and the translation of "qjdroastduck" Roasted Duck most attention. Coincidentally, the reporter inquiries found that qjdroastduck.cn and qjdroastduck.com.cn have been friends of Beijing City wins day network technology limited liability company registered in September 12th of this year.

subsequently, the reporter contacted a network company registered the name of the dog. The official said, they just feel that this domain is very interesting, of course, was also inspired by the name of the incident was decided to register. However, the official said they did not intend to sell at high prices, the price is 10 thousand yuan to reporters out.

to introduce China traditional delicacy to more foreign guests, Beijing, Tianjin and so many time-honored catering enterprises are beginning to collect social English name. But whether the domain name can be registered for the final election, but also to further the selection of stakeholders, research. Also said that the old name, to wait until after the final determination of foreign names, there will be further consideration.

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