How can we chase and enjoy the special promotions every day

has been either the website or online, every day special offer seems to be their characteristics to attract customer service, is the special service, the achievements of outstanding commercial countless, also makes the industry development abnormal smooth, has now reached a mature stage, but with the rapid development of e-commerce, today we are going to ask three of the world, the future of the Internet business, our special offer every day this is starving to continue decide on what path to follow, or for profit and give up.


with the electricity supplier last year opened a new situation to be in full swing, for the electricity supplier, not only not disappeared, as e-commerce matures on the contrary, as the tide comes, the electricity supplier found increasingly fierce competition, once the fight, did not miss any chance of a publicity. I vaguely remember a few years ago, the major electricity supplier platform SAIC was interviewed in double 11, specification of business promotion behavior is strictly prohibited, false propaganda. The electricity supplier who immediately rectification on the platform of non-standard behavior, but then also said that before the electricity supplier tide comes this competition was forced, over time, the competition will fade, the attendant will be rational competition and the commercial nature of the return. It is this? We will no longer be hungry when the ideal realization of the competition? I think the answer is already bright.

with the increasingly fierce competition in the electricity supplier and the growing maturity of the electricity supplier, the competition has just begun, there is no competition, no passion, which means that the industry is about to die. The original explanation is removed. So we go back to today’s theme, every day, such a model of how much we can chase the long run?. With the development of science and technology and society, the production efficiency of the society has been improved, and the cost of the goods has declined. From the perspective of the Internet business, with the development of the rule, continuous improvement, out of business competition, business will gradually form a competitive and reputable business groups, this part of the group and the change of the whole society, in the cost, quality, shopping cost is greatly reduced, on the contrary, competition will continue to rise. The real time will come.

is the pioneer of the Internet every day special offer wisdom, but also the future development direction of the competition, I think the special offer today and tomorrow’s special offer will change from the depths of our hearts, this change is the change of cognition itself is a special offer, changes to the development of the industry gradually. We will continue to experience a big change to bring us again and again, perhaps, in the future, every day special not only in the Internet electricity supplier.

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