How to make users trust your site (3)

in addition to the third party qualification as far as possible reference to the third party web site or scanned pictures as evidence, just about the product, service or company background information, should also be as far as possible to prove.

on the web to boast of their products or services, most owners and businesses will do so. In order to further build trust, to all the real name you received on the site.

had a customer to provide a futures trading signal and advice through a paid membership website, which, of course, needs to prove to the potential members of his forecast the correct probability is how much can help members earn much money. Customers at his website not only lists the past year their trade figures, and results, also own all of the futures trading account to capture all on the Internet, even published his agent contact, doubt the company can contact his company, asked whether there is such a person, the transaction is true. In this way, users can not only see how good the owners say their services, but also to verify the fact that indeed.

if your website selling cosmetics, not only with words to show your cosmetics make people young, to prove that you are really, why don’t you put some use cosmetic bottles of friends, or even customers photo? In order to prove the facts, with the advertising star photos are not what effect, station on ordinary people can prove everything.

if you are a web site sales consultant, you should be able to prove your blood to potential users, as well as professional background. The connection on college class roster, with graduation thesis or published elsewhere in the academic articles, or links to your web site in industry forums or social networking account, allowing users to see how to contact you to help others in those forums or social networks, show your professional knowledge.

if you do not have any third party content on the Internet, you have not participated in the industry forum, then you should ask yourself: "I am suitable for the industry to provide advisory services?"

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