The import business sub-health under the mode of tax package can go how long

"tax package", "import tax refunded", "milk for your tax package, good goods are not afraid of maternal and child tax", "beauty package bonded a special" distinctive slogan as businesses in the face of Xu in guest throws the slogan. From the April 8th import tax has officially landed more than half a month, the "positive list" and "supplementary list" have landed. Hugo in April 11th and April 25th two compared to the cross-border electronic business platform, many businesses have begun to gradually reduce the tax activities, even canceled before the "tax package" promotion. "Package tax", "tax return" follow-up weakness.


specializes in imported infant honey bud in April 11th on the home page to hang out "milk for you good goods not including tax, maternal and child tax", "global food purchase for your province tax", "beauty package bonded over 199 minus 100 highest special promotions. The three tax for special promotions in cosmetics, baby food, clothing, toys, snacks, drinks and other types of imported goods.

but there’s no such thing as a promotional event on April 25th. The honey bud self Holland novo neolink infant milk powder 1 850g as an example, in April 11th the price of 133 yuan, including tax and freight from the bonded warehouse delivery, at least two tank set, can be used for businesses to provide coupons. But in April 25th, the product can only be sold in the form of two cans, but the price has been reduced, the price of 248 bottles of two. When you click to enter the settlement page, it was found that the original price does not include import duties, import taxes and fees show 29.52 yuan, in line with the tax rate of 11.92%. Settlement price of 277.52 yuan, the average price of a single pot of $138.76, compared with April 11th rose by about $5 and can not use coupons.

also to import Holland novo neolink infant milk powder 1 850g NetEase as an example, the koala sea purchase price of 108 yuan, 178 yuan Feng Qu sea Amoy, and April 11th showed the price the same, but showed no state of goods. Careful observation, although the price of NetEase koala unchanged, but the goods shipped in the description of the goods has quietly from Guangdong bonded warehouse No. 1 into Hongkong. Contact customer service said that if taxes generated from Hongkong warehouse delivery, the customer will be paid in advance, the NetEase will return the customer paying taxes koala.

is different from the single bottle, three bottles of Holland NetEase koala sea purchase self novo neolink infant formula 1 850g displayed on the web for the price of 354 yuan, the state for the goods, No. 3 Hangzhou bonded warehouse delivery, settlement in the page display also need to receive 38.56 yuan of taxes, but can use the full 299 minus 30 coupons after the settlement, the total price of 362.56 yuan, the average price of 120.85 yuan a bottle of milk, a bottle of 108 yuan to 12.85 yuan in April 11th. And this is 12.85 yuan higher than the equivalent of the tax rate of 11.9%.

has posted on the home page on the 11 cheaper than overseas, the original import tax return

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