Billion glasses network wearing glasses for decades, do not know how deep injury

out of love for the industry, but also for the investigation of customer understanding wearing his glasses knowledge vague today, I am here according to his own experiences, to elaborate the correct concept of wearing glasses, although the ultra billion glasses, but the glasses chain in the country’s largest institutions, as a professional the optometrist, hope to be able to provide real knowledge to protect your soul.

according to authoritative statistics, there are about more than 300 million Chinese myopia crowd, but very strange phenomenon, the vast majority of consumers do not know their own glasses, wearing glasses brand, brand glasses, but do not know a few secrets of the correct use of glasses, today I use their experience to popularize a practical knowledge.

a lot of glasses for consumers regardless of his wealth and social status, are likely to be completely false family, importance when they tend to wear glasses very stressed eyes, lens and frame selection are very exquisite, but in the life of wearing a pair of glasses for a few years, the yellow lens, frame deformation but not to change consciousness. This is very bad for both health and personal image.



wearing glasses has three modules, but most people just choose a demand, although some people have the same function of two glasses spare glasses, this is completely mistaken, also experience embarrassment, usually do not have a correct understanding of glasses, glasses of property transfer caused, that at the the situation, most consumers wear decades of glasses and do not really understand the way of wearing glasses. In fact, the role of different glasses rigid demand, health needs, fashion needs and other functions.

: all rigid demand consumers have myopia over 200 degrees or more, according to the reading and living needs, basically is the need to wear glasses in order to solve the trouble of myopia, then myopia over 200 degrees or more, must wear glasses every day, to solve your daily life. The consumer basically everyone knows that if there is no glasses, glasses or lost, fracture and so on, all the work and your life will be at a loss, caused by uncertainty and even security risks (such as driving). Therefore, to solve the rigid demand is a major function of the glasses, but also an important feature. However, consumers do not know the other side, when the glasses to solve your most painful, you began to ignore the protection of the eyes. Because rigid demand products can not solve the health and protection of the side.

health needs: the current domestic environment, the haze appeared, strong ultraviolet radiation, often travel, driving, outdoor activities, including hiking, and other activities, and most of the people still wear rigid demand myopia glasses, this is very unhealthy, because of the rigid demand of glasses is no color, no with UV blocking, polarizing function, ultraviolet radiation and violent sun is equal to our eyes, would cause great damage.

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