Would like to continue to do business in 2015 to say a few friends

Some people say that

derivative is the next Taobao, I do not agree with this. Because only in terms of potential, micro business does have more possibilities, which is very similar to the original Taobao, but in terms of operational strategy, there is not much similarity between the two. In fact, we have a lot of friends around the micro business contact, which also are busy not earn money a year by the fact that this will give us a wake up in the invisible, micro business is hot but not everyone can make money in, this requires a change in our business thinking. When we enter the new year in the new period for the micro business we should have what to know? In this I have wanted to share a few opinion.

first, micro providers are very dependent on the user’s screening. It can be said that Taobao is a platform for the flow of traffic, while the value of micro business is the direct flow of points. To know that compared to any other products, micro business based on the soil is very private, which makes it difficult for us to have too much action in marketing. So the use of the user must be promoted to a new level. We should not only pay attention to the screening of the basic attributes of the user, but also for the possible existence of hot spots for the collection. Some even know that derivative income each other indirectly through chat, to know the thousand friends and earning three thousand friends in the choice when shopping mentality is not the same, but this decision we need to push the product. The face of different users push different products, this is critical.

second, product selection should be novel enough, as far as possible to tap the attention of the consumer hot spots. Today, the electricity supplier platform is quite mature, and often there will be shopping promotions, if you are still selling some household goods in the micro business, then the sales will not be too ideal. On the contrary, if we use WeChat fast reading environment, we have only a few Internet time to seize each other’s eyes, then the effect will be very good. It is the circle of friends of marketing products require a unique positioning, before someone doing Home Furnishing accessories, automotive beauty products and feng shui products, this type of product is not on paper hot, but not a bit weak demand. So you need to dig as much as possible.

third, do micro business also need other products complement. For some of my friends can not pay, I think maybe we seem too quick success in the circle of friends trading. In fact, I think you can understand, in the face of a stranger, with what your pictures or a copy can make me believe you. At this time it is necessary to use some other products to do their own brand. For example, the circle of friends drying single, such as the operation of large public. I had a friend who was a car beauty. In addition to push the relevant products in the circle of friends, more energy to run their own WeChat large, because they know that compared to the transaction, the value is actually more important. Because of this public number, some of his friends can be more understanding of automotive beauty related products, and then he has a kind of trust, it is this trust so that the transaction between each other more smoothly. In my opinion, micro business transactions rely on

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