Bainiaozhaofeng non moral kidnapping mall public network is not blowing out the quality

read "bainiaozhaofeng" audience probably won’t be online heat "film producer Fang" moral kidnapping "rumors of a misunderstanding, a counter attack at the box office, not just kneel move to turn the tide? A young audience watching the film said:" in the present foreign films compete for the attention of the movie market. "Bainiaozhaofeng" like a stream of people that nourish a blundering heart." Of course, there are also many audience full of praise for the rich in the movie culture. Xiao Bian think, the box office counter attack, on the one hand from the audience to the dead Chinese fourth generation leader Wu Tianming honor and respect, on the other hand due to the film’s story is really exciting, in the entertainment era, a lifetime of faithful inheritance of folk art elite quality.



is not blowing suona to listen to others, is a blow to myself". In Wu Tianming’s "life" "old" "face" and so on work, not the Chinese humanities style simple into the light of art aesthetics, for the Wu guide last posthumous work, he Jiao movie as a teacher is Wu Tianming himself, "bird chaofong" from the performance point of view is blowing the suona, but the reality is to Chinese Wu guide movies can keep the hope. Now the film is much, but how much is just about as mediocre inaction, in these films can not see even a trace of value at all, only sleep is on pins and needles, "bainiaozhaofeng" is like the face of Western band, high spirited sounded suona, only stick to their own China film culture force, it is the real Chinese movie. The man is gone, but stick to his stick and the suona to show us a valuable value. Only insist on doing their own quality, to go further.

and Wu Tianming, director of the folk art suona, mall public network has been doing its own brand. At present, many industry speculation overnight explosion of red examples too numerous to mention like "E, rent treasure, was an occasion to marketing, eventually arrested for illegal business activities and seized. Therefore, the real brand has never been a night burst red, but by the quality of the product to get user acceptance.

2016 fried fire F2C electric – Mall public network by many media coverage, as well as the hot Jingdong this mode beyond Ali, let Ma trembling! Is the marketing hype, or really innovative? Recently the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of public network mall.

According to the relevant person in charge of the mall

network: mall network has been determined to do their own quality. As a specialized website navigation manufacturers do mall, mall public network specifically for users with genuine, convenient and affordable "search experience, through the member community interaction, consumer participation in the website, to create the most comprehensive and authoritative information service platform for professional manufacturers, and China’s largest F2C platform.



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