Gome online war double 11 NO.3 business platform to jump up


] October 20th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, Gome online has entered the double 11 for the state, the highlight of this year is the main battlefield of home appliances.

In 11

double target, responsible person told billion state power network related Gome Gome online, hoping this year’s double 11, becoming Tmall, Jingdong, third business platform, rather than simply the pursuit of double 11 sales.

to this end, this year, 11 pairs of the United States adopted a low-cost online, logistics and O2O acceleration of the top three points. Specifically, through the home appliance manufacturers channel resources, warehousing and supply chain resources to achieve low cost; through cooperation with Haier to achieve logistics acceleration; mobilization of resources to achieve online and offline O2O.

In addition to

appliances battle outside, Gome online will also actively participate in the digital 3C, small appliances, baby milk powder, bedding, clothing bags and other FMCG merchandise category.

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