Business value magazine not the media’s e-commerce is not a good community

In the United States over the past 10 years, the field of e-commerce is the Internet innovation wasteland. The global ranking of e-commerce website top 15 list, 10 years almost no change, only 1 (NewEgg -) is the bright younger generation.

e-commerce in the experience of cheap, grab the source, smashing advertising and cover the warehouse, the trend of media and community is beginning to emerge.

January 26th, the emergence of a new channel, where the customer Eslite entrance Master VANCL home page navigation bar, and seemingly VANCL main apparel e-commerce but no links, click to enter after the discovery of good intentions.

in the home channel, where the customer is Master auditions recruitment advertising, any people only need to register and upload photos to participate in the audition, have the opportunity to become the Master VANCL help plan the shooting. At present, there have been a number of relatively "civilian" are Master after packaging where the shiny professional debut, although from all walks of life, but they have in common is in the use of VANCL products to dress up.

28 Where the Master

the launch of the elite, although not leaders show supermodel, but the lights, a dozen POSE a large pendulum, shoot is a guest Master fan children. These customers Master have their own web space, can show collocation and writing micro-blog, airing a single reference for other users, or directly to the right collocation into the shopping cart. At the same time, fans can leave a message, Master could also be a judge between each other.

As the domestic

e-commerce leader VANCL at the beginning of the new year and cast a fog make people puzzled, but are vaguely felt what. Although it appears to be VANCL was heading "people’s fashion", but in the background of community marketing and community media, people understand is unspeakable is in fact, e-commerce business is evolving to a new stage of development, and the transformation of the two words is the media and the community.

e-commerce is the media,


Greylock Partners partner James Slavet Vc firm in TechCrunch wrote the article begins wrote: "in most of the past 10 years, the field of electronic commerce are Internet innovation wasteland." The global ranking of e-commerce website top 15 list, 10 years almost no change, only 1 (NewEgg -) is the bright younger generation.

e-commerce website advertising – flow – conversion sales model has been followed for many years. To purchase a large number of traffic and advertising to attract users to low-cost strategy to compete for users, e-commerce is the most basic means of survival. Later, the business enterprise began to hard skills, grasp the self storage logistics, than the user experience, match customer service, which is typical of the business enterprise promotion process. Can not talk about model innovation, it can not be regarded as leapfrog development, e-commerce in a round of staking

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