introduced third party SGS quality inspection agencies to force maternal and child products

[Abstract] in the future, SGS will be the only product in the maternal and child platform operated by the third party rolling across the commodity sampling.


technology news (Sun Hongchao) December 28th news, announced today the domestic sale electricity supplier subsidiary channel only product in maternal three new initiatives in 2016: first, introduced the third party quality inspection institutions in Switzerland SGS on maternal and child products sold by independent third party rolling sampling, and with the "genuine brand licensing" and "genuine Pacific Insurance constitutes only product" quality guarantee of Golden Triangle maternal and child "; second, will be through the establishment of the global 9 countries and regions of the buyers team, the only product to expand the whole category of maternal channel coverage and global procurement; third, the only product will join the brand and child development experts to provide a full range of professional advice for consumers and the creation of online community service. vice president Feng Jialu said: "maternal and child category is 2016 of’s strategic development category, will be full coverage from -1 years old (pregnancy) to 12 year old baby products, to create a one-stop maternal sale business."

According to the

SGS port area of product certification visa officer Mark Lohmann, SGS will be the future of the only product platform within the full range of merchandise business maternal third party rolling for sampling, milk powder and other complementary key category, will focus on sampling. In addition to the requirements of the national standard test items, but also to increase the number of international projects of high concern.

according to public information, SGS group is the Swiss SGS, headquartered in Geneva, founded in 1878, is the global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services, quality and integrity is recognized as the global benchmark. SGS group has more than 1 thousand and 350 branches and laboratories in the world with more than 70000 employees. SGS services to domestic and foreign enterprises, governments and international institutions, the scope of services covering the agricultural, minerals, petrochemicals, industrial products and consumer goods inspection, identification, testing, trade security services and international certification services. In recent years, the company’s business scope expanded to the environment, automotive, life sciences and other areas of energy conservation and emission reduction.

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