Red child and Martha Marceau or by financing venture to accelerate the game

(micro-blog) recently leaked to the acquisition of some e-commerce companies to do large-scale, as soon as possible. This news came out, immediately came and red child merger talks, and the sequence of main high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau Ning in the Soviet Union in mergers and acquisitions.

, though, the red child currently CEO Xu Peixin (micro-blog) denied that it is seeking to sell, saying the red child will be completed within a month of financing. But There are no waves without wind., on the "red child loss, all sorts of doubts serious secure VC" began to ferment. Martha and Marceau CEO Sun Hong said the statement is more ambiguous, more inclined to accept the VC class enterprise financing, but whether to accept Suning’s investment fund’s favor, do not respond positively.

red child, Martha Marceau sold doubt

according to an unnamed insiders broke the news,’s acquisition of red of a child now has made new progress. "’s financial personnel have been stationed in the red child for nearly a month, the cooperation between the two sides is in the stage of accounting audit, once the accounting specific price, will be officially announced."

red child incumbent CEO Xu Peixin argued, "the completion of a new round of financing 20 million red child months, but investors are still before the northern lights, NEA and triumph VC three VC." As early as 2010, Xu Peixin had claimed that when the red child will complete the fourth round of financing, and the introduction of a new investment. But today, to the red child injection of V C list has not changed, and the IPO is now simply do not mention.

"continued funding is actually the northern lights, NEA and triumph of venture capital is stuck with the depth of the upset." Red child a former executives said, red children early in seeking financing or sale, with the Tiger Fund, the Wan Da group has been approached, however, investors are not satisfied with the red child loss and the user scale, no final agreement.

or for the same reason, executive vice president Li Bin for "the acquisition of red children" a thing to deny. At the same time, the industry rumors, the flagship high-end clothing brand series Martha Marceau in the Su Ning merger. Coincidentally, whether it is the red child or Martha Marceau, behind the investment side has nlvc. A few days ago, NLVC director Jiang Haotian also said in a forum, e-commerce is T MT (telecommunications, media and Technology) in the field of disaster area.

industry insiders believe that investment in the two northern vertical electric providers are not satisfied, may seek to sell cash items.

capital accelerated game

capital will highlight, it is reported that most of the management positions of red children recommended by VC or VC as a person, in fact, has become a direct management of the venture capital company.

"now China’s electricity supplier company’s follow-up financing agreement, in fact, are mainly by the venture to say. Pre entered V C want premium >

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