Domestic and foreign major B2B website comments

B2B foreign trade e-commerce site

domestic large and small "foreign trade" or "export" there are about 200, but the vast majority of the site is the so-called "dead station", and have to pay to join the value of foreign trade website should be said only about 10


to find out the main in the normal operation of the domestic foreign trade website that is also easy, you only need to lose a few "foreign trade" or "export" Chinese relevant keywords in the two Google and Baidu search engines can be


we recommend that we lose the following keywords is enough:

foreign trade, export, import and export, international trade, export trade, China export.

from the first two pages of the search results, it is easy for everyone to find a few of the frequency of the most, ranking the top site:

Alibaba, global resources, China manufacturing network, Chinese export trade network, United export network, Chinese export elite network, multinational procurement network, online fair, 007 business network, China import and export trade, free trade network, fobtex trading network, international import and export trade, import and export of Chinese online, Chinese import and export network, network development Chinese international trade, export trade Chinese enterprise, international marketing communication network, Chinese net exports, Chinese export trading network, Chinese exporters online, the world trade network resources, network Chinese buyers, foreign trade, the Canton Fair Online, China commodity network, China trade network, Chinese export commodities fair


three is the official website of foreign trade, and is not a commercial website, so we omit all


to find these 28, I believe this is the most important foreign trade website;

it is very easy to notice, from each site in the above search frequency and ranking (including natural ranking and ranking, most advertising), the front is nothing more than Alibaba, China manufacturing network, China export three, almost all will see the three sites, the frequency of few global resources the ranking is not high and may be related to its headquarters in ranking related ads in overseas and never


everyone’s time is precious, no one would have time to read these 28 websites all over, very simple, we only need to help the United States ALEXA global ranking system to global ranking after 50 thousand website removed, because in general the 50 thousand after the site do not pay value added. We look at the site in May 12, 2006 three months ALEXA global rankings:

web site name global ranking

1, Alibaba 27

comments: the total traffic is really B2B boss, however, from the third party ALEXA display, the English station only accounted for 6% of its total traffic, taking into account

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