Vertical B2B easy straight for $10 million A round of financing

recently, the domestic smart terminal B2B online trading platform easy straight for $10 million A round of financing by the blue Chi venture capital, the financing is mainly used for market expansion and upgrade the platform system.

According to "capital times"

database, "direct supply" launched in early 2014, belonging to the Nanjing twenty-four Network Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known as the optional machine, vertical B2B electronic business platform focused intelligent terminal industry chain, headquartered in Nanjing. The platform contains in the sale of SKU mobile phone number card, merchandise category, tablets, wearable devices and other types of more than 20000 in 2015, to direct supply service of mobile terminal distributors will be more than 1.5, the mobile terminal service small and medium-sized retailers more than 30 years, transaction size will exceed 10 billion yuan. The team are from Alibaba, Tencent,, Sohu and traditional mobile phone distribution, retail channels, CEO is in the song dynasty.

"direct supply distribution system, through the product credit evaluation system, the third party guarantee transaction system, supply chain finance scheme to help small and medium-sized distributors T4-T6 retail outlets covering the rural market, help small and medium-sized retailers to achieve information symmetry, credit and service, the price and service supplying, provide mobile terminal data analysis the channels for operators and manufacturers.

manufacturers to service B2B terminal mode, and from the service to the consumer terminal O2O mode will become the future business model 3, the "vertical industry B2B+O2O" can realize the price transparency, trading norms, reduce costs, improve efficiency, will reshape the original industry supply chain. Unlike looking for steel nets, looking for plastic nets and other vertical class B2B platform is easy to provide direct information to match the online payment and closed loop transactions, similar to the Internet ordering management system".

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