ME domain name registration exceeded 200 thousand

ME domain name authority announced on February 9, 2009, the world’s ME domain name registration amount to break the milestone of the 200 thousand nature, refresh the new record of the growth rate of the new domain name".

is reported that twentieth registered.ME domain name is OpenDoor.ME, registered by the Japanese city of Fukuoka. ME’s executive director, Predrag Lesic, said: "ME has become a truly global domain name. In addition to the United States, ME domain names in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and China are popular, the number of registrations increased exponentially."

.ME domain name has been extended from the beginning of the development of individual users to the business sector, many companies have also invested to register the domain name. It is understood that there are already 181 countries including Canada, India, Australia, Spain, Holland and Israel "the Republic of Montenegro, individuals and businesses registered ME domain name, and in April 2008, the registered amount is only 100.

in just 10 months time,.ME has reached a registered amount of 200 thousand, it has become a valuable network assets." Lesic added, the most important thing is that there are a lot of different languages have not yet registered a good domain name, ME’s development potential is enormous."

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