Hualong CEO Xiang Qian Yu group purchase website faces an uncertain future


products purchased exclusively since the success of the Grouporn in the United States, there have been a large number of domestic buy site, the formation of a thousand regiment war situation. In September 12th, the famous local website CEO Qian Yu Hualong Lane in micro-blog said: "a group purchase, uncertain, but the biggest risk seems to have seen".

Yu Yu referred to the presence of three points buy site risk:

1, buy kind, its supply chain service level can not keep up with the growth of the front, whether it is a positive logistics or RMA.

2, buy a similar service sector Taobao, quality of service can not be controlled, the user experience can be imagined.

3, the vendor’s mind, nothing more than the price pull incremental user, not every day. How old customers N purchase rate to achieve?

micro-blog has been released after this, attracted the attention of the industry. Enjoylife interview group webmaster NETFM and TMP.worldwide (China) product architecture director Chen Jianmin (A De) believes that third points is not accurate, and put forward that the shop is the focus of publicity, a small amount is the best order. However, buy site is the focus of sales is. IT168 corporate interactive IXPUB community director Qi Baowei commented that he has been not optimistic about the group buy.

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