Garnett is a liar King

first announced the liar’s URL

"University – high IQ network talent incubatorThese three words are the high IQ

let him lost

the daily income of $100 to free Wangzhuan training projects as bait to cheat in his group began to talk you


what is GDI? I know a little bit of a MLM Tid=115& extra=page%3D1

you can watch it. Http:// called GDI.

just rely on this thing on the one thousand of a person you are not a liar liar


a man cheated

revealed in 2008 the first big Wangzhuan scam, Garnett University team to free daily income of $100 higher training projects as bait to cheat others money. The University team members in many web site posting, on revenue of $100 online training program free training what, want to make money to seduce people to join his training group. The team leader Garnett night lectures, telling him how much, how to earn ten thousand yuan, it is really amazing eloquence. Finally, said to enter their team, copying his ghost is successful, build QQ group in the evening lecture on the day to earn ten thousand yuan, to earn a million. But to join the team must first pay 1000 yuan of money, their agent Garnett mass software, to earn money to pay 4000 yuan. After the agent said to tell you every day in the group to sell software can earn 10000 yuan.

many friends could not resist the temptation to immediately remit to Garnett, I also not spared. Hit 1000 yuan of money to his commercial bank, after making money, he would tell me how to get to the people, here is what he said:

kg ~ 10:18:42

no matter how good the project can not earn a fool

kg ~ 10:18:58

so we need to gently point

kg ~ 10:19:07

our training program, but not money..

kg ~ 10:19:19

anyway, the software in disguise with the space

kg ~ 10:19:30

even if they do not make money, they will not scold us

kg ~ 10:19:36

, after all, we don’t have training fees and learning

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