Support for mobile payments Sea Amoy store popular

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter He Ruiqi, Du Meng,

yesterday morning, Guangzhou’s first cross-border electricity supplier shopping mall in the Pearl River Metro trial business, there are people in the shop in front of the door, playing snake cake". What does it sell? It is not cheap? Why is it to urban popular? South of the Five Ridges Institute of Zhongshan University professor Jiang Lin said that the Pearl River Metro bonded stores have innovation in commercial transactions, "but how far can see innovation countries not to support this form."

Limited passenger queues outside the shop store a lot of

yesterday morning 9 am, reporters rushed to the store, found that there are already standing in front of the door of the thirty or forty people. "Before I heard the price of super bamboo shoots, so the special class." A woman who works nearby. More mature a shopping list, "if the price is really cheap, buy more, but no more than 1000 yuan per unit."

10:30 yesterday, waiting in line to enter the store has nearly 200 meters. Because the shop space is limited, the store staff to take measures to limit the flow, each only forty or fifty customers into the store, until the evening rush hour, the crowd also did not retreat. In order to guarantee the order, the staff holding horn loudspeaker.

sells what main mother liquor

Home Furnishing skin

earlier the flagship store promotional products, milk powder, diapers, baby supplies, daily necessities, luxury brand bags, imported food, etc.. But reporters learned yesterday, the site of goods is only about 200 kinds, the staff with the gradual improvement of the shop, there will be more goods out.

The reporter saw

products in the store to the maternal and child products, skin care, Home Furnishing, red wine is the best selling flagship store, to the number of baby milk and diapers, many just on shelves swept away, directly out of stock. But the goods so many shopping bags to beauty, Master are disappointed. That "the origin of the mail bag brand, each brand only 1~2 goods, and the style is not new. Some overseas purchasing and selling products such as the United States Arrow horse shampoo, try the first day all the shelves industry. Many customers are directed at "there is no iphone6 sell" over. But asked the staff to know, brand-name bags, digital home appliances in the field of these goods are not physical, only the picture shows. The public can order goods to the clerk, waiting for overseas direct mail, 7~15 days to the hands of the public.

how to buy Alipay or UnionPay card payment

provide ID card and phone number

payment to spend half an hour single order can not be over

managed to grab the goods, checkout and committed. The reporter saw at the cashier, need to verify the identity of customers paying, the realization of individual self declaration activities. In the Alipay or UnionPay card online payment, the customs system automatic alignment inspection and clearance, the goods to home.


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