Eric 5 years old on startups are not starved to death death




Sun Tong

Vintage where the customer for this company for 5 years, the ups and downs of the biggest reflection, is a business enterprise need to continue to pursue their own heart, can not change in the external environment lose their direction.

in September, where the staff of each department will finally summary office moved to noble mansion. The old package under the East building almost a whole building, "before the operation, technology and other many parts were scattered in various parts of Beijing, the most important thing now is that we can finally be together." Chen said.

5 years, six from the south central Yizhuang to the West from the East sanhuan to city of Victoria, now near Yong your building, migration way is not just a change in a company location, from a dozen people started to sell shirts, with thousands of billions of sales team and customer size, and age the more is the fluctuation change in business position.

Chen said, these 5 years, success is that he and all passengers are lucky enough to find a long-term career. In addition to insist, and a little bit of luck. No success in this business before, he and VANCL are also very naive. With the continuous expansion of the scale, too much can not do fine place, brought a lot of losses.

In the just concluded

where the 5 annual general meeting, aged not like before a dinner like stars and celebrities, but through the real database, found on the Internet even the first batch of the first to buy the shirt where the old users, please change them to talk about where and what they want to see improvement. In fact, many of the recent years old with founding patriarch were old, and we always say: we had been a selling shirts.

after these commercial peak, is beginning to look back at the past often aged 5 years of entrepreneurship, to "return to the origin, looking for the beginning of the heart".

initial heart

back at the beginning of every guest, have to mention the old before the two business experience.

in 2000 before the Spring Festival, the old is still in print, Lei Jun found old hope together via the Internet to sell books. At that time, Ebay was created in the two or three years between the Amazon myth of wealth for e-commerce mode seem fast. "I think is very simple, is to sell a book, just a change of the channel," at that time, Chen still feel "a scholar", is also engaged in the cultural industry, and even still in the media, because the Internet can still present a lot of content. Although I also feel that the user delivered faster, but also thought it was just a vision, business sense is not prominent." This old memories.

until 2002, the first time the Internet bubble burst, let old finally realize himself in >

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