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content page advertisement position optimization click several times higher than the income of violent income everyone is complaining about the advertising price is lower than the recommended price no one to buy, in fact, the reason things still have to look at their own station, just to have a station is the same advertising user fatigue in the course of time, you can imagine yourself to others stand up pay attention to people on the right side of the immutable and frozen advertising, see go learn, the station through a small ad position adjustment, a small improvement, from 1.4% up to 6% hits and 400% higher, several times, my friend, of course, have income increased several times, only so chatting with a friend why almost flow station income difference is so big, so I wonder how to optimize advertising position and color.

actually started very little. To share, there is no place to welcome the exchange of discussion, < the above data is GG >.

1, there are a lot of people on the first screen advertising advertising, in fact, a screen advertising exposure does but few people to think because he wanted to know what the next watch do not understand the content, click < >

2 advertising color, in order to make the whole station of the beautiful reading recommendations and use their own website with a background color, the title will be a bit more eye-catching to let others see the main content.

3 frame is not recommended, now users consciousness is too high, to see that it is advertising, on advertising as a section of the advertising in the TV series, you can be forced to watch TV, web site seems to have not seen this.

4, Chinese dislocation advertising position, there is a good inertia, no one will ever pay attention, do not seem to easily get attention, just like 5.12, do too many people reported is not remember him, I do not want to not know, so that the dislocation position of advertisement the netizen saw a heart, is shown, how can this station ah ah, this position is not ah, I see, what is so striking dislocation.

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