Google spirit

stopped you already very tired, take a look at the following text! Look at your hard earned if you deserve benefits! " Google wizard 2009" written on them ", only part-time to complete daily work, without the need to invest a lot of time.

you may start at the beginning of the day you can earn 50-80 yuan advertising costs, when you are familiar with the process every day to earn 100-150 basically no problem.

recommended reward system: when you recommend other people to join, you will be able to get an additional bonus of his daily Commission of 1/5 as a recommended reward.

in fact is you give 190 joining fee! You began to brush his software! You will find really can brush money! According to at least 0.05 yuan each time the highest 0.15 yuan each price range!! I suppose to compromise! Every 0.07 yuan! About every 10 seconds once is completed this is me! 0.07*6 is equal to 0.42 yuan per minute 0.42*60 equal to 25.2 yuan an hour! I’m going to brush every 8 hours for 25.2

is 201.6 such a day’s income is a lot of! A month is 6048! That is a very high salary! Some people will definitely not do something special brush money every day. I was the fastest 1 hours brush more than 21! When you brush to around 50! (this 50 yuan can get back, I said back in detail) are generally so! I brush to 53 blocks! Will prompt you to click on the current user by the commission every time limit! The highest 0.004 yuan, the lowest 0.001 yuan this 1 minutes! 0.0025 yuan will be 0.015 yuan! With your previous highest 0.15 yuan how much? You brush every day 8 hours is 7 dollars a month! More than and 200! If you use electricity and Internet! I believe you will be

!When you ask

to recommend people who go! His answer is: "you have to develop their own downline, the 1 will be reduced to each development commission limit! What is the limit! It is you get more than 500 hits 500 or 0.07 according to the power!! you have to to 35 yuan! If you really recommend 5! That is 175, then you will say well!! I made myself + brush to 50 is equal to 225 I earned 35 yuan (below in detail)


below is a dialogue between him and me

(everyone must recommend five people. Five people you recommend. Not recommended. They won’t be able to brush. They are not stupid. Will definitely recommend)

I said it seems that the network marketing ah!

his answer

(Wangzhuan is such. Improve the enthusiasm of everyone to make money. Otherwise the general project. Go it alone. Are you tired. Still can’t make money.


this is their interpretation of the limitations of

does not recommend that the Commission of the user of a subordinate member be

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