Maybe let users vote online to help you make a decision


Maybe: let users vote for you to make a decision

is now a popular saying, called "decision phobia", it is the symptom of whatever size, always thinking, repeated consideration, still unsure. American start-up company Maybe gives the solution is: let users online voting decisions.

Maybe is a social decision platform. If the user is not allowed to ask questions, you can ask questions, listed options, allowing users to vote. As shown in the following figure, a user is not allowed to choose what kind of shoes are more appropriate, put these three alternative products placed on the Maybe personal home page, allowing users to vote. The white shoes received 1 votes (note it with a "your vote" label, means that this is you just cast off); brown shoes won 5 votes, one of the most welcome, so it gets a heart-shaped tag; but in the end the sponsor chose pink shoes, it votes to 3 votes, with a green label, said it was ultimately chosen.



users are unsure what to buy a pair of shoes, so the three double to Maybe, let netizens vote and comment

              it is worth mentioning that the users in the production of options, no need to upload pictures, just fill in a URL page, Maybe will automatically read the page contains the key words and pictures, and the list for users to choose and use. This will undoubtedly speed up the query speed, greatly improving the user experience. In contrast, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, the user will either need to write their own voting options and select the pictures, or only released a long web address, is not simple enough, people lack of participation motivation.

addition, Maybe voting page shows the right side of the voting and review dynamic. This makes the website adds social network taste quite Twitter style. Maybe’s original intention is to allow users to relatives, classmates and friends to vote for the "intimate social", but in fact most of the vote and comment on their enthusiastic users are unfamiliar, so that Maybe gave birth to the unique "voting culture", more inclined to online community.

on the Maybe, users can not only vote on a variety of goods, give advice, but also to discuss a variety of hot topics, such as you are optimistic about which team won the European Championship, and so on. This is reminiscent of Facebook founder Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) just debut, the establishment of the campus network in the female appearance of the voting site Facemas>

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