Lele the student is read (www.du8.com)

. The advertiser names: the student is read (www.du8.com)
* advertisers: Beijing scholar since   1996  years since its inception, has been committed to replace the traditional paper based on digital technology, provide related products, technologies and services. A company in this field to master the core technology, digital technology and domestic paper market pioneer and leader, global competitiveness is Chinese very few master   IT  one of the core technologies of industrial software company. The student is read by the Beijing scholar’s construction and operation of the site, with 120 thousand and 10 volumes of the signing of the mass of books. The student is read e-book portal, is the leading e-book reader, marketing and communication platform. The student is read to help readers to continue reading the book selection, happy to find books, buy books, solve the difficulties, to experience a new digital reading,   and built a bridge of communication and interaction between authors and readers, publishers.
* delivery type:   CPC
* 4Standard: 0.03 yuan /
* week settlement mechanism: the data returned valid data returned. The valid data

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