Analysis of why the advertising alliance does not pay the advertising fee to the webmaster

is now eager to make money, the website is not formed, put a lot of advertising on the web site, advertising accounted for 2/3 page, the site did not what the content of this website how many people visit, will make money? Many owners think that as long as the construction of a website can wait for the money, if there is so every webmaster to build ten eight site early millionaire? If the site didn’t flow, who will put ads on your website, no one talk about what money advertising.

most of the individual owners or by advertising alliance, advertising to earn advertising fees, is the main source of revenue. Many new Adsense website built on the application to join the major advertising alliance, put a lot of ads on the site, and then find a cross point advertising software or brush advertising software, want to brush / advertising to make money, the website itself hardly what the real traffic during the day, night brush brush, ten and a half months after waiting for advertising pay an advertising fee to myself. The advertising alliance is not a fool. As a result, not only did the advertising union pay for advertising, but also give the account to K, and then in the forums that the advertising alliance is a liar (of course, we do not unless there is such an advertising alliance). Longxi advertising alliance from 08 years in May to run a lot of webmasters said that we are a liar alliance, is not a liar we analyze the webmaster website traffic:


site included in Baidu and GOOGLE less than 100 pages, some is not included in the Baidu advertising, IP advertising click thousands of thousands, I do not know, the website traffic comes from; I believe that most of the site traffic sources or from search engines, rarely directly entering the URL into the site, unless your site is very famous, famous like ADMIN5. There are more clicks on the site advertising display than advertising, and some sites even more outrageous on average one minute a click, we do not know if there is such a web site cheating, such account is not the K.

if your site really has a lot of real traffic, the main website to enter the flow of advertising, advertising alliance can not say that you do not pay advertising fees. If you want to earn advertising fees by brush / advertising, I suggest you don’t invest in Longxi advertising alliance of advertisement, lest you everywhere that we closed your account, do not give you pay advertisement fee, that we are liars, we don’t have so much time with you again.

want to do to make money is not easy, do not see a monthly income of tens of thousands of other webmaster heart itch, also follow others learn to do webmaster, do also need to invest money, time and energy, in fact, a monthly income of tens of thousands of the webmaster is very hard, others can sleep in stationmaster and update the website content, then you’re in what do


more than just personal point of view, not in place to write a lot of understanding please!

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