Taobao shop blog marketing model

The new Taobao

shop is often the most easily overlooked by users, because of their low credibility, so at the time of search ranking is always in the back, and people are in the habit of looking for the last basic ignore (at least I do). For Taobao shop, promotion is an essential means. At present, one of the most powerful marketing methods have been found to promote the staff, that is, blog marketing.

blog marketing is aimed at a commodity, the use of this platform to promote the brand branding and operation of the promotion. Blog, different from other network platform, not only a webmaster to increase the chain, improve the site ranking platform, but also a very interactive platform. Here, let’s talk about how to use the blog to promote Taobao shop.

Taobao shop blog promotion:

first, blog select

in the choice of blog, it is recommended to Sina, NetEase, Tianya, Baidu space based, because these blogs are relatively high weight of the blog platform, but also the highest utilization of the platform. Similar to 39 Health Blog, etc., are relatively professional blog platform is not suitable for the promotion of Taobao shop.

second, data filled

No matter what kind of promotion

blog, blog information need to be improved, the purpose is to tell the blog administrator, we are long-term users, not the navy. At the same time, blog information is set up in order to better serve Taobao shop promotion. For example, in the name of the blog settings, you can combine with our Taobao shop, and a lot of blog is to leave a link, you can join our shop links, etc..

third, Bowen content

we released the blog is completely in order to promote the Taobao shop and carried out, so the content of the article on the choice of effort. Content should be selected and we operate related to the goods, if it is clothing shop, you can publish some fashion information, fashion fashion hat and so on. Then do not forget that the purpose of the article to be clear, that is, no matter how you write the article, in the end is to guide the reader to your shop. This requires that the article in the time to edit the link to join the shop, or the language that our shop. For example, the pursuit of fashion, leading fashion, more fashion wonderful in XXXX, etc..

fourth, blog full

so-called blog enrichment, in fact, the main purpose is to enhance the attention of the blog, has led more people to see our promotional information. Many ways, the most direct is to add a variety of concerns, and more people with each other powder. In addition, you can choose to establish the relevant industry circles, and then invite as many people to join your circle, gather popularity, through the excellent Bowen to attract the.

fifth, interactive

this is the blog

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