According to the study, you can earn 3000 of the ten ways

    every grassroots network, there are at least 10 ways, respectively is 3000 month, 3000 month and what not, I now do not need these basic methods, but for some it can make him a person of noble aspirations, more freedom to do the things they want to do.

      the methods described in this paper are tested or demonstrated. To write this article, but also to unlock some people may exist doubts. In peacetime, naturally speaking: "my job is to find the people better than me, then my task is done, I don’t have a leeway for ourselves," seems very detached, in fact. No one can not do without the "material", leaving the "material", how to talk about the spirit of detachment!

      are you a "network grassroots"?

      the following is just a casual description, not necessarily all:

      very familiar with all aspects of the network. Do a personal website, HTML, the best will be a desktop programming language (not necessarily proficient), proficient in the use of the search engine, proficient in using the Internet to learn, there are more than 10 e-mail accounts, but English, often more than ten Forum irrigation, will use P2P to download X movies (just kidding don’t take it seriously), have some research on network marketing, personal Blog, with a personal computer, monthly Internet, thinking is divergent, at least in intelligence.

      on the individual, the above description is relatively simple. More emphasis is on comprehensive ability. By writing this article as summary about his own ability: appeal also can organize a number of people together to do business; have a more profound understanding of management experience, insufficient; a better understanding of the grassroots network, and some small business to work; to seize the key, for strategic decision; transposition thinking, good communication; the hardware, web program, desktop program, project management have a certain understanding, but not in general; Diploma, English beginners, don’t want to enter the international big company. In short, the prominent place is not much, but relatively strong. "Comprehensive" this stuff is amazing, several areas of a cross, there is often a creative breakthrough.

      "network grassroots" earned 3000 of the month of the ten methods

      the following ten methods are ranked:

      1. Write a shareware to sell to the United States to earn a beautiful knife

      two. Two weeks a twenty thousand IP personal website, pop can also earn money "

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