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Applause rang, it was only to see standing on the stage of the 15 "best enterprise information China executive", their names are "company vice president, assistant general manager, chief information officer, general manager of the Department of information engineering, most of them have a master degree or above. They are involved in major strategic decisions of the enterprise, and their role in our understanding of CIO are different. In the new era, the change of the role of CIO reflects the enterprise informatization has entered a new stage,

"change" in the fifth session of the China enterprise IT Application Forum, the word is repeated many people. Metersbonwe vice president Wang Quangeng said: "my biggest challenge is how in the rapidly changing and uncertain era, accurately grasp the future." Yuxi Hongta tobacco information network management section chief Ceng Jianxin emotion: now the enterprise is facing the internal and external environment, the biggest feature is the change." Hu Hanlong, chief information officer, said: "today’s society, the only constant is change itself."

the conference gives us the most intense feeling is: enterprise informatization builders today will invariably "change" as the biggest challenge to enterprises themselves, and they began to realize that in order to get the development of enterprises to create a lasting vitality, enterprise irreplaceable competitiveness, whether it is to change, or active change, the key is to hold the pulse of "change".

CIO status change

when the CIO notebook computer into the air, when they attended the meeting as an important part of the strategic decision-making, a lot of people confused, this is the information we had in the eyes of the director? As chief information officer Cheif Information Officer. The word CIO appears in the domestic translation of a MBA textbook in early in the late 80s, however, more CIO is defined as a technical director, director of the information center. In the CIO awards of the general assembly, we found that the company vice president, assistant general manager, chief information officer, general manager of information engineering has become the latest title CIO.

15 CIO

information strategy change

"to the information?" How to achieve information.

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