How to make money advertising alliance three horizontal comparison

now the domestic advertising alliance buckle quantity horse dragons and fishes jumbled together, the amount of the horse, can let you rest assured that a blogger Google AdSense and Baidu, Ali mother. But to understand clearly can be used to rest assured, for our bloggers, the choice of what kind of alliance to reflect the value of our blog?

Baidu Alliance: Baidu alliance CPC divided into about 50%. Most clicks on 0.1 to $0.2. Quite a lot of style. Full 100 yuan to pay. Support bank card and post office remittance. There are some difficulties to apply for, a lot of blog applications are not available, such as Baidu auction union entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. General blog is not up to this standard. Personal feeling to do Baidu bid Union when Baidu included will be more friendly.

Google Adsense: the price relatively good, Baidu alliance is also easy to apply, if you do it as long as there is English station flow and the appropriate click rate that waits for the money, you can send. Now support checks and remittance. Collection is also convenient. The $100 payment, the use of Western Union payment is currently no fee! Hang Google Adsense Baidu is not right down! Put Google Adsense advertising words ad click rate is relatively high, because the advertisement of Google’s advertising system, better display. My site is from 06 years to do the Google Union, has now received some dollars.

Ali mother: it can be said that he is now the most popular League, now the league has gathered a lot of popularity, many sites are hung up the Ali Mama advertising, personally feel that the Union has great potential. Mom no bottom line, Alipay paid too convenient, no matter how much you do, as long as it is normal income next month will enter the Alipay, you can withdraw cash in can consumption is very convenient. In addition, the form is more flexible, no one to buy as long as there is a click to receive money, just click on the lower price is. But I use Ali mother for a period of time (about half a month) after the discovery of low click price is really annoying thing, so finally gave up.

through the above description we can find: Baidu access standard is relatively high, is not easy to apply even if you want to not be able to do so, recommended to the relatively high visibility of bloggers; mom access standard is low, although the low click price but pay amount is relatively low, can ensure you make a block is a for this block, very anxious to see their cash income to give yourself strength of bloggers is more appropriate; if you have a small but steady traffic blog, and you often update it promote it, then you choose the Google Adsense. After all, a collection of your domain name is sure to earn money back!


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