On the death of entertainment website, the sad place

          entertainment website, pictures, maps, jokes, gossip, star, chat, friends, have been the decline.

2 years ago is no longer the scenery, easily do 3-5 IP, then a month to reap gold.

        from July 06 SP closed, there are already a lot of webmasters realize that entertainment website has come to an end. Jeffwu

also mentioned several times in the last year, a popular light entertainment website. Can not stay long. Man can’t be forever.
      personal web site entertainment can not be the root cause of the climate: 1) can not be monopolized. No money, want to do, too difficult,

2 monopoly, it can not be bigger, entertainment, entertainment and how people can make people happy. Individuals do not have the ability to absorb first-hand information.

bigger, not with any erotic.

3) where profit point. League? The alliance is now closed, advertising? Sina Sohu are not advertising, personal access to advertising?

by member?   what to deceive members money, could not get the money. The bigger the individual station is, the faster it goes.

4) entertainment station was hit too much, this short few years, the leading edge. One sample a year. Popular fans last year, this year’s popular video.

personal station. Who can spell it.

5) personal website traffic mainly by search. Now search companies are cheating traffic. Try to look for beauty Baidu

mp3, the first 5 are all Baidu own. In the future, the individual website to do traffic, is a very painful process.

6) the maximum possible entertainment site is copied, when you have a good idea, you will immediately be copied to the station.

      when money is no longer good, when the flow has become the former yellow flower. Entertainment website scenery is no longer. Change.

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