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did not know much about e-commerce, often heard people say that e-commerce is to open a Taobao shop. When I really started to learn the course of the system, it was not so simple. But at the same time, but also let me fall in love with Taobao.

I said here fell in love with Taobao, and not just to say that he is a person who loves to go to the Taobao store, but fell in love with all things related to Taobao. Open the Taobao shop, to its decoration, management, etc.. Looking at the platform that I created by myself, I am happy for myself. It’s not just a tool to make money, but a part of my hobby.

I know to really be a Taobao shop in today’s popular online shopping, Taobao store can be seen everywhere in the trend of perfect operation, it is a rare thing. But some people say that interest is the best teacher for a person. I don’t think what will be more can stimulate the man hard than a person who is interested in the heart. I admit that I am a lazy person, but only their own interests to encourage myself to learn this is not a simple "curriculum". The first time to study how to open the Taobao store also spent a lot of time, I know to learn this "Curriculum" is not a short duration of time things, but of their own but also happiness within.

of course, the most important thing is that it belongs to the category of independent entrepreneurship. Modern college students’ employment pressure is more and more serious, in the face of such a severe employment situation, self employment is a choice. In the face of more and more network news, in the face of the network and the trend of the times, the advantages of the Internet is as much as possible to show out, more and more people choose this unique way of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial network. Naturally, network marketing is the best way.

network marketing, as the name suggests is a kind of Internet based, the use of digital information and network media to achieve the goal of interactive marketing to achieve a new type of marketing. Simply put, is to the Internet as the main means of a kind of marketing activities to achieve a certain purpose. It is the product of the development of the times, is the inevitable result of the development of the internet. Now more and more people choose a network for the media to carry out their own business, which is a manifestation of the development of the times.

own business is not a mouth to talk about such a simple thing, not to mention the network as a medium. Take open shop, there are a lot of pre work. First of all, you have to choose what they want to sell, to take a good name to attract more customers, how to decorate the store. The most important issues to be taken into account in the preliminary work. Secondly, the supply problem. Supply is related to the store you can survive the problem, it must be your own intentions to find. For their own stores in the goods, can be less pressure on the goods as little as possible, more pressure, the money into the more, then the risk will increase. After all, is just beginning, can not have one

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