First of all to create wealth and then get the value of the nternet from the laggards (3)

1 and before the release of the 2, I was on the basis of these two articles outdated

can find these records in Google

ado. The laggards are the webmaster, I am not, and I like the title, I just came to see.-_-b.


(here at a digression, in principle, to control the downstream is the most say, P & G can not afford to offend WAL-MART, as we can’t afford to offend the search engine. -_-b)

in view traffic before, you should consider whether there is valuable content on your site first, whether it can provide a valuable service. Any station will have their own original, the original is their core value. For example, blue ideal, we should know that the classic forum posts, almost every can be searched in the Google (static is not included in the mandatory requirements of the engine). The success of their site is due to the collection of a large number of experts in the industry, have their own members are very good original. Of course, you can also take the memory of Intel CPU, Samsung, ASUS, Kingston display board assembly of their PC sales, which make the case difference, at least there is a case to be original. Even if you only buy second-hand machine, at least you should learn the assembly. The content of the site copy others put their own advertising, may be able to earn money, but you always do a little. Intel CEO in the global annual meeting you hide in small talk with eloquence, broken inside the shop with greasy hands and display. The station owners say site culture where you can harvest day in and day out.

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